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7 Benefits of CBD Oil You Need to Know

 What Does CBD Do?

Staying healthy is of paramount importance to everyone. But what does that have to do with CBD? Young or old, rich or poor — we all want to feel our best. There is a natural human need to ensure that our body is in the best possible scenario all the time. In most cases, this involves keeping all of our different body systems at a state of equilibrium.

One of the systems that needs to maintain a constant level of balance is the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It was only recently discovered. It is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. The endocannabinoid system can affect your sleep, mood, appetite, hormones, immune responses, pain, and more. Can you see why it’s so important to keep this system happy and healthy? Of course, you may not know how to do that. Never fear! We’re here to answer your questions. CBD oil can help. The ECS is made to respond to the chemical compounds found in cannabis products. That doesn’t mean you have to get high either.

Did you know that there are different components of cannabis? The THC is the psychoactive part that causes you to feel relaxed. The other major component, CBD, does not have any psychoactive effects. Instead, people are beginning to use it for its therapeutic benefits.

This is where CBD oil becomes relevant. CBD oil is extracted from hemp. It has the ability to interact with and possibly affect the endocannabinoid system in a positive way.

Also, unlike other cannabis products, it has a low concentration of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. As discussed previously, this is what makes you high.

 Want to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil? Read on for seven benefits of CBD oil everyone needs to know!


1. It Serves As A Digestive Aid By Raising The Appetite

Proper food digestion is one of the essential elements for achieving optimal body performance.

This is all the more important when the body is recovering from a recent ailment. Why? This is usually because a lack of appetite can prevent the body from recovery.

According to the national cancer institute, CBD has been shown to raise a person’s appetite. In turn, this helps them to digest food better. In addition, CBD is known to soothe nausea. Digesting better, elevating your appetite, and feeling comfortable while you do it… who wouldn’t try a remedy like that if they’re suffering from stomach issues?

CBD oil helps by binding the cannabinoid receptors in the body. This is essential for regulating feeding behaviour. Hence, the oil stimulates those receptors for a better appetite and proper digestion process.


2. It May Help With Social Anxiety

One of the major drawbacks of various cannabis products is the fact that they have anxiety producing side effects.

This is caused by the THC. While some people experience a pleasant high when using products that contain THC, others find themselves feeling paranoid and anxious. Because it is unpredictable, cannabis products that contain both THC and CBD are not widely recommended for patients to try. It is impossible to predict how your body will react until you try it.

CBD oil on the other hand, does not have this problem. There is no psychoactive element to CBD oil. Because of its low THC content, CBD oil has no anxiety producing side effect.

On the contrary, it has actually been shown to help patients with social anxiety disorder. According to a 2011 study that examined 24 social anxiety disorder patients, CBD helped reduce cognitive impairment and general anxiety.

This is likely because CBD oil can have a calming effect without messing with your mind. Easing your body’s general pain and inflammation would understandably create smoother social interactions and a more comfortable mood.

Also, unlike traditional anti-depressants, CBD oil works faster. Moreover, it does not cause withdrawal symptoms. This is a big deal for people who have not had positive experiences with the usual prescription drugs.


3. It May Help To Curtail The Spread Of Cancer

This is perhaps one of the most shocking potential benefits of all!

There are several scientific studies that have shown that CBD oil helps in stalling the growth of cancer-causing tumours. It does this by killing tumour cells, thereby curtailing cancer cell growth in the body.

Another study also claims that CBD switches off the genes involved in the spread of breast cancer.

These claims need quite a bit more research before they become proven scientific fact, but the connections we’re seeing are astounding. How much suffering would be eased by using natural products to halt the spread of a horrible illness?

As scientists conduct more research and delve further into the potential benefits of CBD oil, we can expect to see many more findings.


4. It contains Anti-Psychotic properties

CBD is said to be effective in treating the symptoms of psychotic diseases such as schizophrenia. It does this by ensuring that the effect is not fully manifest. In other words, it may help to stop the psychotic urges from turning into a full blown episode.






The side effects of the drugs usually prescribed for this condition are not to be taken lightly. They can include dizziness, drooling, difficulty speaking, and even muscle trembling. Some people even lose control of their balance and experience uncontrolled movements and stiffness of the limbs.

While the drugs may help with the psychotic episode, what is the cost to the rest of the body?

This is another huge area of study for the benefits of CBD. If this miracle plant can not only help with physical illnesses, but improve mental health issues as well? Imagine the lives that will improve in drastic ways.

People will be able to recover from diseases or avoid them altogether. They also will be able to feel better mentally and emotionally, getting control of their thoughts and overcoming unhealthy habits. If CBD oil truly can offer all of the benefits it seems to be linked to, there’s no telling how the world will change.

Often, the heavy prescription drugs offered to those suffering from psychotic episodes do more harm than good. Their negative impact and addictive nature can be very dangerous. In some cases, they only make things worse.

If people who do not react well to anti-psychotic drugs had a more natural alternative they could turn to in place of prescriptions, who wouldn’t want them to have a chance to try it?


5. It has anti-inflammatory properties

CBD has been scientifically shown to have therapeutic effects in reducing inflammation in the body.

It does this by reducing the development and mobilization of the neutrophil (white blood cell). It also reduces inflammatory proteins in the body. These two mechanisms combine to be able to greatly reduce inflammation.

This is extremely beneficial to a person’s health because inflammation is responsible for a large variety of unpleasant diseases and conditions. Reducing inflammation can reduce swelling, pain, skin rashes, infections, and more.

Inflammation occurs when the body releases white blood cells to fight infection. This is a positive thing because it can protect the body against bacteria and viruses. However, too much inflammation or inflammation over a long period of time is not good.

Excess inflammation in the joints leads to arthritis. Symptoms of inflamed parts of the body include redness, tightness, painfulness, and more. It can even cause flu like symptoms, including fever, chills, fatigue, headaches, stiffness, and more.

Of course, there are many homeopathic methods of reducing inflammation. CBD oil is simply another wonderful way to achieve this end. 


6. Many Are Using It To Experience Relief From Chronic Pain

New studies have shown the potential of CBD in relieving chronic pain. This is another one of the biggest arenas that people are successfully giving CBD oil a try. Reading a CBD oil review from someone whose life was changed may shift your whole perspective on the matter.

Because CBD is thought to help reduce inflammation and soothe the body as a whole, it has been a wonderful relief to many people who thought they were doomed to suffer in pain forever. Prolonged CBD treatments have helped many people to see a major reduction in their general day to day pain levels.

People who stick with a CBD oil for six months or more often see marked improvement in their condition. If you are going to try using CBD to treat your chronic pain, you should consider keeping a pain journal. This practice will help you record and remember how your actions and remedies are affecting your health.

If you see a slow decline in your pain levels over time after introducing CBD to your regimen, you have reason to celebrate. Finding CBD oil could be your only medical necessity if it works for you successfully.

Reports are pouring in from people of all walks of life that CBD has helped give much needed relief from the sort of long lasting pain that results from injuries and other conditions. If CBD oil could be offered as a viable alternative to the harmful, powerful prescription drugs usually pushed today, the world would change.

In combination with THC, CBD oil has even shown promise in helping to deal with post-operative pain. It also helps to relieve chronic pain associated with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. 


7. It Reduces Incidences of Diabetes

Countless researchers have pointed at the potential of Cannabidiol to reduce the likelihood of diabetes. It does this by stalling the destruction of insulin producing pancreatic cells in the body.

Millions of people around the world suffer from the incurable disease of diabetes. Though it is possible to live with, it is an unfortunate diagnosis to receive.

Not only could CBD oil help stop the illness of diabetes, there is also room for it to provide significant improvements in the symptoms a person experiences. Managing symptoms like inflammation and joint pain is no fun. With CBD, however, there is the potential for these issues to be less problematic and inconvenient.

If CBD oil could halt or stop the development of diabetes, the world would be a better place. With fewer people depending on insulin to get through their days, they could reach an optimum level of health. Do your research and find a good CBD oil review site. It will help you make decisions regarding your CBD purchases.

Though people should not think of CBD oil as a cure for anything, especially diabetes, there is a huge potential for it to help. Improving these conditions even in a small way can make a major difference in the quality of life a person experiences.


This information is for personal reference only and its validity is left to the reader’s discretion. As always we encourage you to do your research before you use CBD. We are not medical professionals and do not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions. If you have any specific questions regards to your health, it is best to consult your doctor. 

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