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How To Fix A Flooded Tank

One of the nightmares vape enthusiasts often have to face is the woes of a flooded tank. When this happens you’re cursed with sticky vape juice fingers, a vape device clean-up and a whole load of wasted vape juice. With a vape device it can be surprisingly easy to flood your tank, whatever device you have. This can happen whilst you’re on the move, have a slightly clumsy disposition or you’re device itself has broken. Fear not however, there are plenty of ways to remedy a flooded vape tank.

So what is flooding?

Flooding your vape device is basically when you get vape juice into the air passage of the vape tank. The tank of a vape device has holes in it, and this is necessary for the wicks as part of it will cross between the tank and the air passage. Because of this, a vape device is susceptible to flooding as this opening is the main area where it will flood. This is not a pleasant experience due to the fact that you are inhaling the vapour from the air passage, meaning that you’re also inhaling vape juice. You don’t want to inhale vape juice, the taste is far less satisfying than actual vapour.

Why does my tank flood?

There are various reasons your vape device could flood, some examples are listed as the following:


Not filling your tank correctly

Tank filling may seem simple but it can be a little like an art form. Whilst some devices have capsules you enter into the device, others have to have vape juice dripped in. When dripping in your vape juice, make sure that you’re avoiding the centre tube of the tank. This is the air passage and will lead to vape juice in the mouth piece when you take a hit on your device.


Overfilling your tank

The starter packs and smaller vape devices are especially prone to overfilling due to their smaller tanks. If you add too much vape juice to your device then the wick will absorb too much vape juice, leading to it leaking into your device.


Vaping too hard

When you press the button to power the device, you will take a drag on your vape device leading to vape to be heated by the wick and inhaled into your mouth. This leaves a vacuum which is then filled with more vape juice to be heated in the wick. If you vape too hard for your device to handle, it will suck out all the vapour and lead to too much vape juice replacing it.

Adjusting your temperature settings

When e juice warms up, it becomes thinner, eventually evaporating. When it heats up too much therefore, the wick will absorb too much e-liquid and this will lead to it over saturating. When it over saturates it will begin to flood.

How to fix a flood

The best way to fix a vape flood is to take off your vape battery and place a paper towel over the mouthpiece. When you’ve done this, begin blowing on the bottom of the tank where the battery would be. You will be able to hear when it’s been cleared, the vape juice which has leaked having accumulated in the mouth piece. To remedy this, dab the inside of the vape device with tissue inside the mouth piece to absorb the leaked liquid.

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