Naturalis London - CBD Bath Bombs
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CBD Bath Bombs

There’s nothing like unwinding in a hot bath after a long day – now you can add the power of CBD to the mix with our CBD Bath Bombs.

About CBD Bath Bombs

A hot bath can elevate your mental and physical health in many ways. Plopping a bath bomb into the bath is a simple way to take the experience to a new level entirely – particularly with our range of delightful CBD bath bombs.

Looking to unwind and clear your mind? Or perhaps you want to tackle a deep set ache and feeling of stiffness?

All of our bath bombs are made from natural ingredients. We blend together mother nature’s finest treats with high-quality CBD to help you get exactly what you want from your bath.

Each CBD bath bomb in our range also smells and looks the part. They are enchanting from every angle and we just know that you’re going to love the rich sensations and fragrances.

If you want to unlock the natural restorative properties of CBD before enjoying a deep sleep, this is one of the most effective and comforting options you have.