George Botanicals - CBD Flavoured Oil Drops 5% - Raspberry MCT (500mg CBD) 10ml
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Raspberry flavoured MCT CBD Oil 10ml by George Botanicals is great full bodied raspberry flavour food additive or CBD tincture.  Available in only 500mg CBD strength, this CBD tincture is a high quality product derived from the Cannabis Sativa L Extract.

Each bottle:

  • 500mg of CBD contents in each bottle
  • Vegan Friendly
  • GMO Free
  • UK Made & Tested
  • 10ml of CBD Oil Per Bottle

Raspberry MCT CBD Oil 500mg 10ml By George Botanicals

George Botanicals Raspberry flavoured MCT CBD Oil drops provide a awesome burst of fruity raspberry flavour and are made from high quality Cannabis Sativa L extracts to provide a 500mg strength oil. As with any MCT CBD Oil, this CBD Oil can be used as a food additive (great with a cup of coffee) or can be placed directly underneath your tongue for easy consumption

MCT oil or CBD oil as its also known, is the simplest form of CBD to consume as it can be consumed as food additive (also great stirred into a coffee) or it can be directly placed underneath the tongue. These two methods allow for efficient absorption of the cannabinoids from the CBD Oil into the body. We recommend taking half a dropper under the tongue twice a day. Keep the oil in your mouth for as long as possible. This allows for the oil to dissolve into the bloodstream, swallowing the oil straight away will reduce the bio availability of the CBD.

*Please note this product is a food supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.